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Portable Document Format is designed by Adobe. It’s become a worldwide standard for sharing and storing digital documents. Nowadays, it’s the most reliable file type that can be read on any computer and on any mobile device without jeopardizing format or quality. PDFs can contain text, graphics, spreadsheets, or almost any other type of info.
Technical details
A PDF file is just like a printed paper but in digital form. Unlike hard copies, a PDF can contain built-in audio and video files, as well as hyperlinks to jump instantly to other parts of the document or external resources. You can even set up protection to prevent unauthorized reading, printing, or file editing.
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How to fill the form and edit it online:

Add the document from cloud storage or your device.
Open it in the web-based PDF editor.
Quickly navigate and fill in the fillable fields.
Use the dropdowns and checkmarks.
Type text where you need it on the page.
Use the Replace text button to adjust or delete existing content.
Date and sign the document electronically with quick buttons.
Finish by tapping DONE.
Send, download, or print the PDF.

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Our professional comparison table is designed to make choosing the best tool quick and simple. Know and understand the benefits of the most popular tools to fill in the forms and edit them n order to use online. Decision making made easy!
Fill PDF And Edit
Soda PDF
Rotate PDF
Compress PDF
Extract Pages
Split PDF
Merge PDF
File Conversion
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
File Protection & Signing
eSign PDF
Protect PDF
Password PDF
Unlock PDF
Share PDF
iOS and Android Apps
Chrome Web Store - Extensions
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No Software Downloads
Encryption and Security
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What Our Customers Say

Sales Associate
Excellent alternative to paid editors. it does everything I need it to. As soon as I upload my PDF, I'm able to fill it out in just a few minutes. I highly recommend it!
A great tool for remote work. It helps me create and edit the docs I use with my students online, without having to install expensive software.
Wedding Planner
This is a time-saving PDF editor with a simple interface and powerful features! Previously, I couldn't even believe that working with PDFs could be so easy.

How to edit and fill PDF forms

Our professional service helps you to edit and fill PDF forms without using any other additional software.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to edit and fill PDF forms online using your browser

Every day brings us new programs and new opportunities to simplify our lives. Earlier, you had to print form templates and complete them manually. Now you can easily do it on your computer or mobile device. The easiest way to submit digital documents is to fill PDF online using your browser. It doesn't require using downloading and installing any specialized programs because this software is accessible right in your browser.
Use this instruction to edit a PDF online:
Open our website in your preferred browser.
Upload a document from your device or cloud.
Switch on the Replace Text option to edit texts.
Click on the fillable fields to insert your data or add texts wherever you need.
Hit Done to save changes.
Consider using our service online using your browser. Here you have not only professional tools that make all the manipulations as simple as possible but also a completely secure electronic signature. Make your documents valid in a few clicks. When you have finished, you can easily download your file in PDF, DOCX, XLS, or PPTX formats to use it for your purposes. There are also some other ways how you can export your form: send via email, USPS, fax, or submit it directly to the IRS without leaving the service. Don't waste your time, digitize your documents with our service now!

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How to edit and fill PDF forms with MS Windows

Unfortunately, you can't edit and fill PDF forms with MS Windows using default Microsoft software. Still, there is no problem to handle Portable Document Format files, if you have a professional solution like ours. Using it, you can easily add data to PDFs, sign, and send them to the recipient as electronic or paper copies without closing or even changing tabs in your browser.
Follow this step-by-step guide to edit/fill PDF forms with MS Windows:
Open your preferred browser and go to our site.
Upload a sample to the system from your device or cloud storage service.
Click orange fillable fields to insert data.
Turn on the Replace Text tool to recognize characters in your file and change them.
Add more texts if required and select Done to finish editing.
Consider using this service to fill in PDF form with MS Windows. You can easily modify documents in any browser without downloading and installing any additional programs. Still, the platform is a reliable solution that protects each piece of your data. Never forget about it because completing tax forms often includes providing sensitive information like your Social Security Number, address, and lists of your property. Our software always establishes a secure connection and uses the latest encryption features to ensure that any third party can't access your documents without special approval. So if you are looking for a tool for handling PDFs on Windows, check our service without delay!

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How to edit and fill PDF forms with Mac

Unlike MS Windows, Mac has built-in software called Preview that helps you to view, edit and fill PDF forms. You can add and highlight texts, attach notes, draw geometric figures, lines, and sign samples. The main advantage of this method is the opportunity to modify files without installing any additional software. Plus, you don't need to have an internet connection required for most services to change the content, even during a flight or a long trip, where no Wi-Fi spots can be reached.
Follow the guidelines below to update file with Mac:
Open a document in Preview.
Click the Show Markup Toolbar button near the Search field to get access to the tools.
Add texts, notes, and draw on your sample.
Place the cursor in fillable fields to insert texts or numbers.
Hit File and save the document using the Save or Export options.
That's a pretty easy and convenient way to modify PDFs. If you are not satisfied with the Preview program and need more professional software, try using the platform. This service is available anywhere anytime from all your devices with an internet connection. All you need is to create an account, upload files, and open them in our editor. You will get the opportunity to fill PDF online with Mac, add, insert, highlight or blackout texts, attach images and notes, draw geometric figures, and electronically sign records. In addition, you will be able to send files not only via email but also via fax and USPS. Our tool makes your work with documents much more convenient. Create your account now!

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How to edit and fill PDF forms using Adobe Acrobat

Most people think that Adobe software is useful only for viewing PDFs. That's because they don't pay for the subscription. If you have it, you can edit a PDF using Adobe Acrobat. This software can efficiently deal with flat (without interactive fillable fields) and fillable (with specially prepared interactive areas) templates. All you need is the Fill & Sign tool.
Follow this instruction to change PDFs using Adobe Acrobat:
Open the needed document in this program.
Click on the existing fillable fields using the Hand or Select tools and insert your data.
Open the Fill & Sign toolbar if your sample is flat. Then, use Text and Sign tools to complete the template.
Save your document by selecting File > Save As.
Using this software, you can finalize your documents and prepare them for sending or printing without an internet connection. Still, you need to download it which can be quite problematic for laptops with low memory size. If you feel inconvenience using Adobe Acrobat or it's quite expensive for you, try finding another service like It's a cloud-based solution that's accessible from any device with a connection to the internet. Enhance, edit, and fill PDF forms right in your browser with ease. Create your free account now!

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How to edit and fill a PDF?
To fill a PDF, you need to log in to your account. If you don’t have one yet, use your Google or Facebook profile to continue. Once you’re in, upload a document you want to edit. Change its original content and add a new text. Drag&drop any fillable field and start typing. Once finished, save the doc and share it.
How to fill and edit a PDF online?
Our web-based PDF editor allows you to work with your documents from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Upload a draft you want to edit, open it, and add fillable fields. The process takes a few minutes and after you’re finished, you get a professional doc built for whatever you need.
How to edit PDF after fill and sign?
Edit your PDF in a variety of ways. Specifically, insert fillable fields in order to add unique text or other things like date, dropdowns images, and more. Once your document looks just the way you want it to, e-sign it. The Audit Trail saves each action in the document’s history of edits.
How do I edit a PDF on my phone?
All you have to do is open up our website in a web browser regardless of your operating system. The process is as follows: upload your document and edit it using the editor. You’ll have access to powerful tools like fillable fields, e-signature, highlighting/redlining, etc.
How can I fill out a PDF?
Just upload and open a PDF in our editor. Once the file is uploaded you can insert text boxes or fillable fields. If you plan on making a document reusable, turn it into a template in just a few clicks.
How to edit, fill, and sign PDF?
Our advanced PDF editor allows you to change a document’s original content, fill it in with needed information, and apply a legally-binding e-signature. To get started just open up your PDF and take advantage of all our advanced tools for creating a professional contract, agreement, tax form, etc.
How do I make a PDF editable?
To get a fully editable PDF, simply upload a file to our advanced editor and start modifying it. Take advantage of powerful tools like e-signature, fillable fields, text boxes, and much more. If you don’t have any intentions of changing a document’s original content, you can delete or replace images, pages and even add page numbers.
How do I make an editable PDF without Acrobat?
Acrobat is a full-featured solution for PDF, which unfortunately takes time to install. To edit PDFs without it our web-based solution is a great alternative. Generate document templates by adding fillable fields and editing native content. Upload a file now to get started.
How do I make a non-editable PDF editable?
Choose a PDF from your device or cloud storage and upload it to our platform. Once it’s uploaded you’ll get access to powerful tools; edit it, add and remove text, fillable fields, and even e-sign it. Once you’re finished, you can download, print, or share the document in clicks. Turn non-editable PDFs into editable professional-looking documents in minutes.
How do I edit a PDF file on my PC?
Our platform is accessible for any Internet-connected device. Select a document and open it in the editor. Using our full-featured toolkit; add text, remove pages, redact, sign, modify and share documents in clicks. The platform is easy-to-navigate, straightforward and helps you edit PDF files on your PC.
What software do I need to edit a PDF?
Using our online PDF editor doesn’t require extra software or additional installation. Open the document and edit it. It really is that simple. Add fillable fields, insert a signature, blackout, or highlight text. Get professional PDFs and download them to your device or the cloud.