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Hi everyone my name is Kevin today I want to show you how you can edit a PDF using Microsoft Word and is full disclosure Before we jump into this I work at Microsoft as a full time employee all right well let's jump on the desktop Here I am on my desktop and I have a PDF file called certificate I'm gonna go ahead and click on that and I have this nice certificate that I found online it's a PDF file and I run a company and I have some employees who I want to celebrate you know instead of giving people a pay raise I'm just gonna give them this paper certificate and hopefully that makes them satisfied with this company now really I'd probably just give them more money I think that makes people happy and maybe throw this certificate in too but here's the certificate and unfortunately it's a PDF and I can't edit the name of the recipient I can't type anything down here I can't type in a date it's kind of annoying how it's hard to edit PDF so I wish I could just open it and just start typing but luckily it's pretty easy to do if you have Microsoft Word ok so I'm gonna go ahead and let's close this certificate for now and I'm gonna open up Microsoft Word now this is the latest version of word this comes with office 365 but if you have an older version as well this should probably work I can't guarantee it I just know that it works with the most recent recent copy of word so I'm on the word a home screen here and it's actually very simple to open this PDF so I'm gonna click on the certificate and I could just drag that over to word as an alternative I can also go to open and I could find where the file is on my PC but I'm gonna go with the easy approach we're simply gonna drag and drop the certificate over now I get this long message here and I know it's very easy to just always click OK when you see a message but basically all it's telling me that it's gonna do is it's gonna take that PDF and it's gonna convert that into a Word document and it'll be optimized for me to edit who edits what I want to do that sounds good and it might not look exactly like the original PDF especially if the original PDF contained a lot of graphics ok sounds reasonable let's give it a shot so I'm gonna click on OK and I could also set it so it never shows me that message again so we're gonna click on OK and let's see here so here's the certificate I just showed you as a PDF and the nice is look at that I could just type letters on this PDF I can.


What is the easiest way to fill in a PDF form received via email?
You can try out Fill s which is currently free and requires no download. Step 1 Save the PDF from your email Step 2 Upload the PDF at Fill s Step 3 Fill in the PDF in your browser as the example below If the fields are live as in the example above simple fill them in. If the fields are not live you can drag on the fields toplete it quickly in edit mode. Step 4 Click the Download button to create a free account and download thepleted PDF Upload your PDF to get started here s
How do I edit a PDF file which you can write into / fill it with data?
Are you asking about the fillable sections or the normally uneditable sections? To edit the fillable sections just dbl-click on the you want to change and make the changes. To edit the uneditable sections youll need a PDF Editor like Foxit PhantomPDF or Adobe DC. I have used PDFFill in the past. It inexpensive ($2) but has a cumbersome user interface.
Where can I host an editable PDF form so that a user can fill up and send to the admin automatically?
If not on the same website through which you like it to be available then maybe on something like Dropbox s .