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What are the best tech companies to work for in Vancouver, BC?
There are hundreds ofpelling startups in the Vancouver tech eco-system as well as a handful of tech giants. The bestpany really depends on which end of the spectrum you are looking at - startup through to bigco. Caveat here is that for many of thepanies Ive listed I don know the inside their culture and business approach. Im answering your question from the outside listing thosepanies who have a known tech presence or promising trajectory. For bigger tech co Amazon Microsoft SAP TELUS Salesforce Fortinet s Avigilon (now Motorola) and Sophos bined have tens of thousands of employees in Vancouver. Amazon is dominant with almost 1 million sq ft of real estatemitted and plans for ~ 1 employees. Slack and Hootsuite are probably the best known startups with 1+ people (Slack HQ is in SF but theyve got a base here thanks to Van being Stewart hometown). Clio Visier Tasktop BBTV Article iQmetrix Avigilon Vision Critical Plenty of Fish Global Relay Galvanize s Bench Accounting Absolute Software have 1 of employees each with different cultures and approaches. Ill call out iQmetrix. They are one of the rare birds who have reportedly cleared $1m in revenue without taking any venture capital. Amazing trajectory. In the 5325 employee range youll find a mix of growthpanies including Kindred s Unbounce Login Radius Traction Guest 1QBit Trulioo Procurify Allocadia Thinkific Comm1 Jane Beanworks IT Glue Elastic Path Mojio Eventbase PDF Tron s Mobify Indochino Copperleaf Buyatab s Canada Drives s . Then in the <5 startup scene youve got a long list of funded and promising startups including CmD Instant Financial Marine Learning Systems AvenueHQ Wiivv Routific Wealthbar Certn Lumen5 Later PageFreezer Rival Blume Hoop Messenger Nano-Lit Penny Dooly Bananatag s Invoice Simple s VisualCV Sedna Tutela Form Pressboard Canalyst Zenhub ePACT 7Geese Alloy Responsive Curatio Sokanu Skyhive Spocket Mintent s Ready Dapper Labs s and of course Klue . There are servicespanies who spin up (or out) products including Expa Metalab Axiom Zen and Traction On Demand s gamingpanies like EA Hot Head Games s Kabam s Archiact s and A Thinking Ape bio and cleantechpanies (out of myfort zone to rmend) and a growing number of smallish satellite dev offices for Bay Area co like Cisco Zenefits Dialpad Splunk Asana s Lyft s PostMates s Streak s Tile s Parallel Domain s Swrve s Mailchimp s Apple s and Segment . You can also check out some of the portfoliopanies of Vancouver based VC including Rhino Ventures Yaletown Framework s Vanedge s BDC s and Pallasite s . Here are a few other lists to help you find promising Vancouver tech co Ready to Rocket BC Tech Awards s Deloitte Fast 5 s Angel List Vancouver s C1 s Who I miss? Ill update this list from time to time (startup bar = $1m+ in funding or $1m+ in revenue). In terms of who to work for I bias for startups. The right one can pay you well give you an equity bingo card a voice in product andpany direction mentorship and enable a faster upward trajectory than a largerpany. More risk but you impact the likelihood of success. And if youre considering a move to Vancouver do it. Amazing place to live and the tech scene is vibrant and supportive. I grew up in Toronto attended UBC graduated started apany and never left. Great place for a tech startup to thrive in a capital efficient way yet be connected to the Bay area and Seattle (2 hr flight. 2 hr drive. Same time zone). Mountains are second to none and yes it is possible to ski bike and SUP all in the same day. Rains a ton in the winter but you can escape to Whistler in 1.5 hrs for the best skiing in NA and a picturesque mountain village.
What programming language does this bash command use?
Doug Hughes user 946273 said it. But in fact that aputer language. Computer languages are many and this one is by far not Turingplete but never the less it is one - abstractly you are starting little programs with that. It has a formal grammar and on the old MS-DOS device you even could program the macros of your keyboard with that. We of course used that in the bulletin boards of that time to fuck around with the guys and program nice little Help Button Replacements on F1 or F1 on the menu-key in the form of DEL C*.* or other happy little gags that were all for joy and love. The people just viewed our s and we fucked them for that. They removed the programming of keyboard shortcuts shortly after that from which was really a drag. Just because something is used as a mark-up language is no reason that you can use it for different purposes. Like Postscript as the best example. That thing is not just a markup-language that thing is even a Turingplete programming language. I personally love Postscript and would always prefer it over PDF. I do differ betweenputer-language and programming-language in this case. And where ever you found that ANSI escape sequence take a look at the specifications of the implementation on that environment. There are still many around that do much more than just the standardmands. There are proprietarymands in almost every terminal I got my hands on. And some were even more dangerous than what Microsoft did on DOS back in those days. And because that a language you sometimes can buffer-overflow ANSI escape sequences too. That gives you direct access to calling an arbitrary program just by viewing a . Some of the exploits available on Windows work with methods like that. But I do not know any exploits in ANSI at the moment but it never wrong to check up on old code. But UTF-8 extensions give some hope for new bugs. Markup-languages like this are fun. Back in the days I programmed in a markup named pilot my in a BBS on a QNX system in a way that simulated a crash of the bulletin board. It presented a login and I got mail with login and passwords for all users of that board. see PILOT s Well that was essentially a trojan horse. The background was not as criminal as it sounds. I warned the sysop before he did that about security issues but he just laughed at me. So I did it quickly and pointed out what this did to his system. I never used one of the logins of course but I had huge interest in the security of that board. He didn listen. And I got a ban for that or better my user status got reduced to 1 which was 1 below a guest account. Well what could he have done about that? I was 16 or something. I could just have given up on that board but I really loved it. So first ever trojan horse in the language PILOT. Must have been around 83 or so. I only got caught because my trojan stated a version number at login that was a subversion of the revision behind the actual one. I didn notice that between my last visit and the upload of the trojan that changed. Some guys were very proud about that. D It the same problem that Richard P. Feynman had when he worked at Los Alamos. Read Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman! s% ! He pointed out a security hole that was really big as a van and instead of doing something about the security hole they interviewed him for hours for that instead of doing something against the hole. But this leads a bit away from the issue.
What are some 20 useful Google Chrome tips and tricks you know?
2 Awesome Google Chrome Browser Tips and Tricks Probably most of you are already using Chrome as your primary browser. If not switch to it immediately. Chrome is extremely fast whenpared to any other browser. These tips will help you to get the most out of the Chrome browser. 1. Pin Tab When you pin a tab it minimizes the tab to display only the icon. When you have several tabs opened this feature is very helpful as the Tab title displays only the icon and takes only little real estate. 2. Display Home Button By default Chrome doesn display the Home button in the toolbar. Click on the Wrench Icon on the right-hand corner of the browser to get to the Customize option for Chrome browser - Preferences (or Options) - Select the check-box for Show home button in toolbar This will now display the Home button in front of the URL field. Click this button to go to your home page quickly. 3. Omnibox The URL address bar (also called as Omnibox in Chrome) in the Chrome browser is not only to enter your URL. Just the keyword you want to search and press enter which will perform a google search. You can also perform calculations or conversions directly in the Omnibox. Try typing any one of the following in the URL address bar and press enter to see the results yourself. 4. incognito 3 Secret Mode Incognito mode is for private browsing where Chrome doesn record your browsing history download history. Any cookies that are stored during the incognito mode is deleted when you close the browser. You can launch incognito by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N (or) Settings - New incognito Window (or) right-mouse-click on a from a regular Chrome session and select open in incognito window. One of the practical use for this mode (apart from private browsing) is to log in to the same site using two accounts. For example if you have two Gmail accounts login using the first account in your regular Chrome browser and log in using the second account in your Incognito mode on your Chrome browser. This way you can be logged in to two Gmail accounts at the same time on Chrome browser. 5. Reopen Recently Closed tab If youve closed a tab by mistake you can open it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T (or) right-mouse-click on the empty area in the title-bar - and select Reopen closed tab as shown below. 6. Chromemands 7. Task Manager The task manager displays the memory and CPU usage of the Chrome browser broken down by each and every Tab. If you have multiple tabs open and when your system is slow you can use the task manager to identify which Tab is causing the issue. Right-click on empty space in the title bar and select Task Manager (or) Press Shift + escape key to launch it as shown below. 8. Change Search Engine in the Omnibar Type Amazon in the address bar AND press Tab which will change the address bar to Search Online Shopping for Electronics Apparel Computers Books DVDs & more. You can also change the default search engine. Right-click on the address bar - and select Edit search engine. From here you can choose other search engines. 9. Open a at a specific Tab Location As you already know when you right-click on a and say Open in a new tab it opens it as a new tab (next to the currently open tab). However if you want the to be opened at a specific tab location you can hold the drag it and drop it as a specific tab location. Youll see a small arrow when you drag and drop the . In the following example I tried to drop the at the 2nd tab location. 1. Carry your Chrome Settings with You If you are using multipleputers (at home at work etc.) you don need to worry about trying to set up the Chrome browser in the same way on all theputers you use. Instead set up your bookmarks extensions themes settings etc on your Chrome browser on oneputer and select Sign in to Chrome from the settings menu as shown below. This will ask you to enter your Google username and password. This will save all your chrome settings on your google account. Next time when you sign-up from another machine all your chrome settings will be visible on the new system. If you make any changes to your chrome settings on this new system it will be available on your otherputers too. Use this feature only on the systems which you trust and not on publicputers. For more information visit this site thegeekstuff. I hope it will help you. )
What will be the procedure for the e-assessment of income tax cases?
Hello The e-Assessment Scheme s is a process of faceless scrutiny of Ie Tax Returns. This removes the physical interaction between the taxpayer and the assessing officer. The interaction between the two parties will be done by electronic means . The procedure of e-Assessment is as follows The notice is served by the National e-Assessment Center (NeAC) which will specify the issues for the selection of the case for assessment. The NeAC will assign the case to an assessment unit in any of the Regional e-Assessment Center (ReAC) through an automated allocated system. Once the NeAC accepts the regional unit request for the documents they forward the request to the taxpayer. The NeAC then reviews the draft assessment using an automated examination tool and decides whether to ordered-list finalize the assessment order and serve the demand notice to the assessee provide the assessee an opportunity to present their case or assign the order for a review to another ReAC through an automated allocation system. 8. After thepletion of the assessment the NeAC transfers all the electronic records of the case to the assessing officer when The imposition of penalty Collection or recovery of demand Rectification of mistake Submission of any reports and A proposal seeking sanction for thet before the court. Hope this helps! In case of any query feel free to contact us at Quicko s .
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