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Why do animal shelters make it impossible to adopt a pet but also make people feel bad if they choose to not adopt?
After dealing with a handful of rescue orgs here I ended up taking a rehome pair from a breeder. All she wanted to know about was my current living situation and if I thought I could afford their medical care if they needed it. She never even met me and shipped her gorgeous pure bred kids to me on total faith that I could care for them properly. It was that easy and I ended up with purebreds. In contrast the rescue orgs wanted to do home inspections (what the hell for? Do you imagine Im going to start a breeding operation from your spayed cat? Are you checking out how nice my furniture is?) Needed to know my entire life history who I lived with what I did for a living how often I was home etc. Once again are you rehoming a moggie or planning a robbery? italic They are just too damn high maintenance and then after talking to a lot of other potential adoptors we came to the same conclusion. A lot of people who get involved in animal rescue are needy themselves. Many of them have mental health issues and animal hoarders frequently entwine themselves into a rescue org to have a ready supply and a reason to keep the animals. Others are simply over zealous in their mission and in their empathy for animals be intrusive busybodies and judgemental of people. I know of this one cat that has been up for adoption for several years now and still advertised. This is not a special needs animal in fact he is a very gorgeous and normal cat that has had no less than dozens of offers of perfectly good homes. I was advised at the time of my application that there were already 3 good applications for this cat. Imagine I surprise to see the same cat still advertised a year later with public pleas about how no-one wants to take this gorgeous cat please donate now. The problem? His foster carer places ridiculous conditions on anyone actually meeting this cat. She requires to personally visit their home interview them and then makes up reasons why they aren suitable and can meet the cat. Every time someone challenges her on whether or not the cat is actually available or even just suggests that she should adopt him herself she is all denial. I know this because several of us all found each other on FB groups and privately conversed about our experiences over this one cat. After speaking with several disappointed individuals who offered to take him we all agree she has no intention of ever letting go and simply loves the sense of self importance that lording this cat over other people gives her. Unfortunately she is not a rare of person in rescue orgs. Humans are humans afterall and working for a non-profit is not a guarantee of a good character. And for further insight it not just me that thinks so. Here is an article written by someone heavily involved in animal rescue who came to the same conclusion herself in 215. It appears they haven learnt from this experience. I Rejected The Perfect Pet Adoption Family For The Wrong Reasons s
In Mac OS X, what's the easiest way to save a non-fillable PDF form?
That sounds like a message produced by Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader specifically disallows the printing of PDF forms they would like you to use their pro-level application to perform this function. Apple Preview has the ability to fill in PDF forms and it will let you print them to another PDF file (any Mac OS X application will let you print to a PDF file Acrobat Reader specifically disables this function in their print dialog).
What is the best document management system (that isn't Google Docs, Zoho, or Sharepoint)?
you know every time i see the best in the question ive got a reflex to answer it depends on what you call the best. because i think it - it depends a lot on your needs. here are some questions you probably want to answer how many people are going to be using the DMS? italic do you think this number will change throughout years? if youre a small business that not trying to be a nation-wide chain you probably won see much sense in paying hundreds of dollars for a DMS every month. why have you decided you need one? what issues do you have with document management? italic don just list the general phrases - write down specific examples like Karen spent 3 minutes looking for the right file because it wasn named properly or Bruce quit his job and now we can all the files he created. (in my experience it usually boils down to one simple yetplicated in its satisfaction need making sure anyone in your team can find the right file or information fast and without any hassle.) now what do you need from a DMS italic ? i suggest putting the features you need into two categories need-to-have & good-to-have . the first one is for those features you absolutely won be able to work without. the second ones are the extra bonus ones. consider the following features role & permission management; 1 cloud storage integration; 1 tagging; 1 OCR for scanned PDFs; 1 E2E encryption & overall data security; 1 full- search. 1 if i speak from my own experience i know that a small business (or a self-employed person) probably won need a full-fledged DMS. instead they usually need once again something to organize their files and be able to find them (or the information in them) easily and quickly. as for my personal search for the best DMS-like tool because of the specifics of my work i have pretty specific requirements to such a solution (onedrive google drive and dropbox integration OCR and full- search; has to be simple and cheap). i have tons of s scanned PDFs and photos of documents i work with on a daily basis - and im self-employed so i really don have a huge budget for any solution. so far i found just one tool that could match those requirements - a friend of mine told me about ExploriFile a couple of weeks ago. it not exactly a DMS - more like a cloud file search solution - but it has what i need so it may be the best for me. (but it a startup and they haven launched it yet - so i signed up for updates (a promocode was a nice bonus for the subscription btw) and waiting to try it out.)
How do I get 1099 tax forms?
Looking for blank Form 199s? I would suggest using a service like or to handle 199 processing at year-end. Everything is handled online and is ten times easier and more accurate than using manual forms. Looking for a Form 199 from your customer or financial institution? If you are looking to receive your own Form 199 from a customer or financial institution you would need to call them directly as eachpany is directly responsible for sending 199s to vendors on reportable payments.
Where can I find a chargeback form in SBI net banking?
As per my knowledge You can use SBI CARD dispute form in lieu of normal chargeback form . I think chargeback form is approx same for credit and debit card . U need to mention clearly YOUR DEBIT CARD AND TRANSACTION DETAILS. s s
Do I need a Form 1099 as a remote independent contractor and a non-US citizen?
The various forms of Form 199 are informational returns that individuals who make certain payments to US taxpayers italic are required to provide to the IRS italic to report those payments. The payor is required to provide a copy of the informational return to the taxpayer as well but the primary purpose of the form is to inform the IRS of certain payments which are likely to be taxable so that the IRS can insure that taxes are paid on that ie. Since you as a Canadian citizen residing in Canada are presumably not a US taxpayer payments made to you by a US party do not create the obligation for that payor to provide the IRS (and you) with Form 199-MISC. Furthermore since you are a not a US taxpayer and (presumably) do not have a US taxpayer identifier there is no way for the payor to provide you with a Form 199 even if they wanted to because that form requires a US taxpayer identification number for the payee and if youve never given them one they can prepare the form. You need to provide your client with Form W-8BEN W-8BEN-E or W-8ECI (as is appropriate to your circumstances) in order to provide them with your affirmation that you are a not a US taxpayer (and that you are not subject to backup withholding on payments from a US person to a foreign payee). You may need to provide further affirmations in writing in order for them to pay you the amounts due to you without withholding taxes; their tax advisor will likely be willing to discuss what they need in order to determine that you are exempt from US tax on these payments. You will then pay tax in Canada on that ie in accordance with the terms of Canadian tax law and the tax treaty between the United States and Canada. Any information return copies you do receive from a client should not be assumed to be correct; you should always examine any such copies you get against your own business records and report any discrepancies to the provider of the return so that they can be corrected. If you have further questions you should address them to a tax professional familiar with both Canadian and US tax law. That shouldn be that hard to find; lots of people do business across the border.
How do I get my W-2 form for 2017?
Get the w2 217-218 form Form IRS W-2 216 3 Fill Online Printable Fillable Blank | PDFfiller s
Are IRS forms for year 2018 available?
The short answer is no. They typically are finalized and available by January 15th. However the current situation in Congress has delayed the final tax code for 218. Congress has released memo to tax servicers stating finalized forms may not be available until February or March next year. Congress and the president have made so many changes that the tax code which is normally pretty much finalized in November may not be finalized until after Congress christmas break. It going to be a challenging tax year so be prepared and keep informed.
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