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Hi everybody this is dr chrissy o'malley i just want to show you a quick tip on how you can use an easy online program it's an internet based program but i'm going to show you how you can make a fillable pdf and show you how you can use it in google classroom with your students so one of the problems that i had last year is in previous years is that when we do science fair it's very simple to get a fillable pdf from the society for science and the public website and then pass it over to students but in the past we've had problems with having things that students are able to save and so one of the things that i was trying to solve this summer was how can we use something that students can have in a savable format but also how can i create things that i can distribute to my students electronically and then have them be able to type into without being able to change the original document and so i've been able to solve both of those problems i'm really excited okay so what we're gonna do first to make our pdf is um and i'm just gonna pretend like i can't get it from society for science in the public just because it's simple um so first thing i'm gonna do is go to this online program called pdf escape so it's and it has lots of well it has two options i can either choose the free version or the not free version i'm gonna choose the free version and it does a lot of things for me um basically all that i needed to be able to do what i'm gonna do in pdf escape is click upload because i have a pdf document so um i'm assuming that most people know how to do that generally you are going to make your file um you're going to make your your worksheet or whatever you want to distribute to your students and then you're going to save it as a pdf or print a pdf um either one works i'm going to upload that to pdf escape all right so i'm going to choose from this dropbox i can choose text that will only allow students to fill in the space that's available to them if you choose text paragraph students will be able to type in a way that would fill the space larger than the box on the page that would scroll through i don't want to choose that because if you print then you wouldn't see all the texts in the box check boxes are just what it says it said that you create a little space where you can check a box i'll do that one in a minute drop down is where you can select from a list of options which may appeal to you i haven't.