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PDFfiller Subscription Refund: What You Should Know

Go to My Account > Subscription and Billing, and click on Manage Subscription. 2. Click on the cancellation link in that page, and confirm the cancellation. The cancellation takes place on Monday, October 20, 2020, 11:59 PM, Eastern US and for any unused subscriptions on October 16, 2020, 11:59 PM, Central US If you are not sure where to go for more information, please call the complaints board at (US only). What happens if I cancel my subscription? If you cancel your filler subscription, you will be charged the full amount you paid for your subscription. Your subscription will expire and any refunds will not be issued. Why must I click the Cancel Your Subscription link when I first enter my address? There is a good reason for this. We are required by law to have the exact billing address and credit card information that we used to process credit card payments. We do this to protect you from identity theft. Once you enter your info, the form automatically closes. This prevents any unauthorized charges or changes to the billing info. Is all our forms protected with a 1 year, 24 hour security freeze? You may be wondering why a 1 year, 24 hour security freeze is needed on your payment form. It's pretty simple: in today's world, your payment information is only as safe as your payment form. The last thing you want to happen is to accidentally credit someone else's credit card. In addition:  · Payment and credit card numbers or other payment information is typically stolen immediately after it is stolen; · Payment address data is very much at risk from phishing attempts; · Payment information is rarely at risk without the use of a credit card; · The security of payment card data is at risk by the use of poor internet security and social engineering fraud; · Payment information may be at risk from fraud from counterfeit/counterfeit credit cards; · Credit cards are frequently swiped by someone who knows you, a pet or child of the cardholder; · Your payment information may be at risk from someone who buys from you when you are unwell or otherwise incapacitated. We would be more than happy to remove a security freeze in return for a full refund.

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