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What is the need of PDF viewers (I'm concerned about Adobe Acrobat Reader DC) when you can view PDF files on Chrome on a desktop?
Since PDF is an open specification there are other PDF viewers to choose from than the ones available from Adobe and in their applications. But yes if you set Chrome as the default viewer for PDF you don need another vieweras long as you only print or scroll through the PDF. But I personally like the multi-page thumbnails or index view provided by some of the other viewers over the simple scrolling mode of Chrome so I use evince on Linux and also use the Poppler utilities to extract content split pages etc. from PDF files. Check out List of PDF software - Wikipedia s#Viewers_4 for other options.
What apps does Gordon Miller use on his phone daily?
I use all the basic apps. The ones I use mostly are Outlook - email Skype - meetings Office - review submissions Adobe - PDF viewer OneDrive - file storage Dropbox - shared files Evernote - scans Scalable - photos to PDF WhatsApp - chat Quora - content creation Twitter - content distribution Facebook - family and friends only eBay - car shopping Amazon - everything else shopping Audible - digital audio books Kindle - digital print books Calculator - for counting my profits Fandango - movie tickets Tidal - music iHeart Radio - AM radio station Google+ YouTube - channel updates Chrome - browser Google Maps - directions Google Search Google Home Google Translate - language support Waze - long trips Uber - getting around Banking Apps - pay bills and check deposits BMW Apps - controls my car like Batman LinkedIn - network Various other apps That's the first 3 screens on my iPhone along with basic apps.
How do I copy large sections of text from browser-based PDF documents?
If you have Microsoft Word you can download the Verbatim add-on Verbatim - Home One of its functions include OCR that is the ability to 'capture' and store sections of a pdf file. It takes what you've selected and converts it into readable by a word editor.
What program am I viewing this PDF file in?
Chrome has a built-in PDF viewer with which it usually opens PDF files so you do not have to rely on other programs and therefore don't have to switch window (neat isn't it?). In the PDF it opened in Chrome you see that disk icon 2nd from the right in the bottom right corner? If you click that you download the PDF directly to your download location and if you open it from there it will open in Adobe Reader if you should prefer it.
How do I configure Google Chrome to download PDFs when I click on a link to a them?
Several options here
Does Google Chrome come with the ability to display PDF files in the browser by default or do you need to download Adobe reader?
Yes Chrome has it built in. And it ise from Foxit PDF core engine. Enable Chrome PDF viewer If you are using the latest version of Chrome 6 3 or later you can follow these steps and disable the inbuilt PDF viewer. Open Chrome and click on the three dots near the address bar. Now select Settings from the menu. Scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced. Now under the Privacy and Security section look for Content Settings. Once you are inside Content Settings scroll down to find PDF. you can Disable it there.
Is there a extension for PDFs in Chrome?
I haven't seen a extension for PDFs in Chrome but the native Chrome PDF viewer is pretty good at rendering basic PDF. You can use the con menu on the to download the file though and open it in whatever you want including the free Adobe Reader which opens more s of PDF files than .
How can a PDF harm my computer?
The PDF document cannot do any harm by itself. It is the program that is trying to render the PDF document which can be an evil agent. This program contains instructions which is necessary for the PDF renderer to display the document the way it was meant these programs can contain web s and can execute javascript code is the very reason why word or excel documents can be harmful they contain VBA macros which can access local files and expose local data to outside evil this can be avoided by using foxit reader. Generally Adobe Acrobat reader is the one which a cracker uses for his heinous intents.