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PDFescape Pricing: What You Should Know

Per Month · Ultimate — Desktop. 5.99/Per Month What is the advantage of the subscription model? Users of PDF escape have access to all the software's features. All current users are provided an introductory discount towards the subscription fee, with all new applications being offered at a 10 percent discount. Does it offer a trial period for new users? Does PDF escape provide a free plan for new users? We offer free trials for new users to download the software, as you can do with Office for Mac, which can be downloaded for free today. However, new users to PDF escape have a 10% discount towards the subscription price, so it is worth having the trial period to download the software and familiarize yourself with the tools. What are the differences between the two models? The pricing of PDF escape is based on usage by the current user, i.e. there is no trial period and no free user, rather it's a one-off fee of 2.99 per month. There's also a 10 percent discount if new users sign up to the program. However, all users gain some extra benefits as outlined here, e.g. a 'trial period free for one month'. Can I use escape with my existing Microsoft Office documents? If you use any other Microsoft document program, you are welcome to use them with the free PDF escape version of PDF to edit, fill in forms, and print. My local PC store is charging me for the software. What should I do? PDF escape can be downloaded for free online and on most PCs as an app. Downloading the app might be more convenient for some users than downloading PDF escape directly. Does PDF escape support Word documents? We do not officially support Word documents, but we do support all the commonly used formats of document. How do I download PDF escape? Download PDF Escape Do you offer a discounted version of the software? Yes, if you sign up to our Premium plan, and we email you. The Basic plan is still FREE for an introductory period of time. Do you offer a discount for people who sign up for the trial of the program? Yes, you can get the 5 percent discount code (5%off) through our forums. After that 5 percent discount is gone, you'll be charged a regular one. After the trial, all other prices remain the same.

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Why are portable document format (PDF) files so commonly used?
Because there is a business niche that PDF was created to fill 3 years ago that still exists and PDF is now so mature that it is unrivaled bypetitor formats. That niche is serving as a digital printout and a number of bordering uses. PDF main objective is precisely capturing the appearance of any document or output of any application; identically across platforms and immutably if need be. This original application spawned popularity and further feature development for professional printing archival paperless and secure business document workflows forms engineering and multimedia accessibility and many others. PDF was also the first such format adapted for Internet delivery (as was its apanying free viewer software Acrobat Reader). At the end of th 9s Adobe the creator of both worked with Netscape the then browser market challenger and innovator to develop the concept of plugins extending the browser's functionality to enable the seamless progressive display of PDF as it was being downloaded just like HTML pages. The Acrobat plugin was also downloadable for free. At the time there were no other ways to publish universallypatible and pixel-perfect replicas of carefully designed documents (or books and magazines) to the browser. That as well as PDF's adoption by the IRS in the US hugely contributed to the format's ubiquity and popularity.
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