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Chrome Settings: What You Should Know

Protecting your online privacy & online safety is easy with Chrome's new setting called Advanced Security Check. • Protect your privacy & online safety with custom settings like: • Always opt for safer search engines to avoid harmful sites • Use HTTPS to ensure websites aren't malicious • Disable Flash or install a web plugin to manage cookies • Block third-party trackers to protect you on the web • Uncheck the boxes next to some site options to block their services • Manage your cookies, browsing data and  cookies from Google & other advertisers. • Allow any site to access your photos & pages you visit • Allow third-party websites to  read & write your files or access your phone. • Give your browsing history the  privacy it deserves — protect it with Chrome's History Protection. Safeguard your privacy online with a Google Chrome Security Check! • Use HTTPS to protect your online account • Use a 2FA option, like Google Authenticator (free) • Restrict access to your computer while signed in • Choose to have Chrome look for and block phishing sites, ransomware, ads and malware. · Protect your online safety with Chrome's history Protection. You can also block the websites you visit to prevent tracking & malware. Note: Chrome warns you with a warning before certain sites are blocked. Checking for online privacy & security Google Chrome's Advanced Security Check provides you with a list of online privacy & online safety settings for  all your Chrome browsers. Security settings that are usually applied as default, include • Allow websites to track you • Block third party ads • Always use a 2-step verification code Checking a list of security settings to turn on as default. Checking a list of security settings to turn off as default. Click on the name of the setting in the right column and then, at the bottom of the tab, click on Show advanced settings  to view more information about, and adjust the  setting.

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