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Chrome Widget: What You Should Know

Find new and updated extensions in the Chrome Web Store. 2. Go to Settings on your device and make sure that you have all your apps set to 'Always allow' in the 'Security' section. 3. Click the Chrome app icon, click the drop-down arrow next to the icon and press 'Add to Chrome'. 4. Choose which extensions you want to add to Chrome. Use your phone or tablet just like your computer — Google Support Go back’to your device, and you will see what's new (and download the latest changes) on the Updates tab in your Chrome app. Use it to update your extensions (for those who have not enabled the 'Always allowed' section). Check whether Chrome is running in compatibility mode • Get it running in your own web browser on the latest version of Android phones and tablets. Download a Chrome Web Store app for your phone or tablet and save your favorite extensions and themes — Chrome Web Store Help How to remove an extension You can remove any Chrome extension by going to chrome://extensions/ and removing it. Note: Some extensions come with a small icon as a notification or notification bar that shows notifications when an extension is installed. You can remove those extensions by uninstalling them from Chrome Web Store Note: This feature is not supported on devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or below. Make Chrome work like the original — Google Chrome Help How to use the built-in camera on Android phones and tablets — 5. Tap and hold an object near the bottom of the screen to take a picture. Tap on the picture to select it. Tap on the settings wheel icon next to the picture. Find the switch next to the settings label. Tap on it to turn-on the camera on your Android phone or tablet. 6. Open the camera app, and make sure the light bar (next to the camera) stays on. The button should be enabled in the center of the bar. Note: Some apps don’t support the camera being on unless you swipe to the right with a finger. Turn the lights on, set to automatic and take a picture — Google Help The light bars on Android phones and tablets let you turn and turn on the lights. Turn them on with quick taps on the button, and they turn off automatically.

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