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Why No Extensions For Chrome Android: What You Should Know

Dec 7, 2024 — Google's Chrome for Android is set to release in 2019. A date hasn't been announced just yet, but Google has indicated that Chrome for Android is likely to be announced soon. It just won't be a part of Chrome for Android. There's no date set. Aug 6, 2024 – We'll start rolling out version 40 of Chrome for Android beginning August 6 and then roll out a new version after the release of version 20, which will include the ability to share extensions. When we're done with Android, we'll release it to Chrome OS. In addition to that, we'll add the ability to enable Extensions to all users, so Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer will all support Extensions. Oct 13, 2024 — Google Chrome for Android will not be available as a Chrome OS app.

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Can I add extensions to Chrome on Android?
Unfortunately, Chrome extensions are not compatible with Android's Chrome browser. Sure, Chrome on Android has a Desktop option, but that only changes the website you view and does not perform like the regular desktop Chrome browser, full of add-ons and features.
How do I enable extensions in Chrome mobile?
Steps to Get Chrome Extensions on Android Step 1. Download New Browser Step 2. Make the New Browser Your Default Step 3. Go to the Chrome Webstore Step 4. Search for the Extension Step 5. Install the Extension Step 1. Open Your Browser Step 2. Open Your Browser Settings Step 3. Navigate to Your Extension.
Why is extension not showing in Chrome?
Head to More tools > Extensions. Use the toggle for each extension to turn it off. Restart Chrome and go back to the extensions list. Re-enable the extensions.
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