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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing why no extensions for chrome android


How can I get extensions on Chrome on my Android?
The thing is if we add any extension then it can increase browsing feature and add many features. But at the same time it needs more memory (RAM) to run and work. Now in PCs we do various s of work and require many different s of features. So it would be a loss for any browser if there isn't any extension available. But on the other hand Android phones don't have enough RAM generally. Main reason for that is background work of almost every app- Facebook messenger Instagram WhatsApp you just name it. And the other reason is Android OS is not efficient at handling memory at all (otherwise they wouldn't have needed more memory than PCs ever). Last reason is that chrome browser itself is a memory eater. So if we add extension in the browser then it would require more memory to run and damage the whole experience laggy. Which doesn't happen much in PCs as PC OSs are more efficient. And Even though Google provides many shitty services (Android is one of them). But they care about user experience to keep them around. So there's no extension available in chrome browser. P.S If your using iphone then it would be more memory efficient than Android. But all other point would be nonetheless same.
Why doesn't the Pocket extension for Chrome have the Listen(Text-To-Speech) option as the Pocket Android app?
I have wondered this as well and unfortunately the answer below seems to be related to a different question (it addresses iOS not the chrome extension). My guess is that there are a couple reasons Firstputers have pretty decent TTS engines nowadays so theyre not leaving userspletely high and dry here. It not as convenient as having a button on the page but you can invoke a TTS feature from the OS to do this for you. Second Pocket is now owned by Mozilla which offers this feature via the reading mode option. It's possible that they want to incentivize people to migrate from chrome to Firefox. Lastly I believe that the to speech feature they currently use is powered by an Amazon cloud service. It's possible that this could mean that opening it up to all users of their desktop extensions would create substantial costs. They may have decided to offer it only on mobile for now since desktop users already have other TTS options.
What are the "must have" extensions for chrome?
Google Chrome is one of the best browser in Internet field. I hade to know about this browser before two years. It a great news that if I generally face any problem with other browsers turn to the Google Chrome Browser . Because there are much of opportunities in it. Besides there are some certain Extensions what you don find any of other Browsers. What the must have extensions for chrome are 1. AdBlock italic It's an extension that helps you not to be bored by facing many ads. You have to install and enable the Extension then you can enjoy a clean web page. 2. Magic Action for YouTube italic The extension has many features. I am writhing some of them. (a) It enables Auto HD resolution for YouTube videos and offer Auto Wide mode. (b) You can control the volume via mouse scroll. (c) Taking screenshot of the playing videos 3. Full Page Screen Capture italic The best Chrome extension for taking a screenshot of an entire webpage. It has many features italic - One click to capture a full webpage No extra permissions are required to install. The most advanced capturing of difficult pages The highest rated screenshot tool with + users. Download as PNG JPG PDF etc. 4. Grammarly italic The extension is a checker. It's able to check the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors quickly. 5. Infinity new tab italic Plain White Appearance by opening a new tab every time makes the users bored. Infinity New Tab takes care of this by adding a background to your new tab. 6. Pocket italic If you want to save content to read later the extension helps you to save articles photos and videos etc. Offline access is also available. 7. Floating Player italic One can save any video from YouTube in a Floating window inside your browser. 8. Ghostery italic If you are much concerned about your security and privacy you can add this extension to your Chrome Browser. For more Information italic #1 screenshot capture extension s Thanks a lot for reading this content.
How do I install a Chrome extension on my Android phone? I can't find any options.
It seems Quora has be a place for bloody spammers everyone posting s and clickbait videos almost irrelevant to subject But the problem is these kind of questions get tagged as irrelevant in StackExchange.. I am trying to say the options you have for this.. You can't directly install any add-on on chrome. However Firefox for android has some extensions for android version.. Probably some lesser known browserse with basic add-ons like ad-block. Eg Yandex Browser. But if you want to use chrome with extensions for some definite purpose you can search an app that does same task or switch to Firefox if that add-on is available there for android. Now let mee to the techie option here Install some PC Emulator Either Limbo or Bochs from Play Store. Emulate a lightweight OS with ISO images that you can download from internet. Better go for some lightweight Linux distributions such as Lubuntu or reactOS with which you can install chrome Firefox. Emulate the OS in emulator then get respective package for browser. Now you can browse as inputer with addons.. But the drawback is it is too slower because it is running in emulator. There is still another techie option. Install GnuRoot Debian and XServer XSDL from Play Store. Then you can get instructions to install packages on that from XDA Forums. They say Firefox runs smoothly with addons. Both the above options include lot of technical steps which you can obtain by searching the Google on how to install Linux PC Software on android using these tools
I was using Chrome on my Android phone and it suddenly downloaded a file called "hbpix" with no extension. What can it be?
Hbpix Virus File is an an annoying software product which is known as Adware. Adware software programs are considered to be unwanted because of their irritating behavior . One way to recognize an Adware is when you see the pop-ups banners and other similar intrusive advertisements that would invade your display. Try the following Go to Settings General Apps and swipe left until you get to the All Apps tab. Look through the list of installed applications and find malware or browser hijacker. If you cannot find anything with that name look for any other apps that you have recently installed or that look suspicious. Once you determine the potential cause of the issue tap on the selected application. Now select Force Stop and then Uninstall. When asked if you are sure you want to uninstall the app tap on Ok. Go back to the All Apps list and find your browser application. Tap on it and then select Force Stop. After that tap on the options Clear Data and Clear Cache. This should clean your browser of any undesirable software. Do this step for all your browsers.
How can I use Chrome/Firefox extensions in an Android phone?
I can speak for FireFox but Chrome does not have any extensions on Mobile Phones.. Judging by your question I think you haven seen an option in FireFox to add and extension. That strange because the browser that I use Spin Safe browser is bases on Firefox and supports extensions. I think so do other browsers like Dolphin and Samsung Internet.