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Why am I getting this error message when I try to edit a document even though only I have access to on Google Docs: “You no longer have permission to access this document, so your changes can't be saved."?
This is an error I sometimes get when signed into multiple Google accounts at the same time. I have a work account and a personal account. I only use the work one to access various services and often forget to sign out to stop it from having conflicts of this sort. I would suggest shutting down yourputer (not restarting) then turning it on. It is like as not just having a problem with figuring out who you are. Also go through your Google sign-in page and remove everyone who isn you. I sometimes find students or coworkers have used my work station.
What are some good websites that would help me increase my productivity and learning?
The Internet is an ocean of knowledge. You should know just where to look. The following are some good websites that will be useful. u222 Quora Quora is bing quite popular lately. You can follow the writers you like and see the questions they respond to. You can also follow the spaces of topics of your interest. Quora notifies you of activity in the topics of your interest by mail and notification. You can also ask questions regarding your doubts. But be aware of spam authors who post useless content just to waste your time. It is a question and answer platform and it is very useful as well as educational. u222 TED Talks This is an extremely resourceful platform. Ted talks are seminars conducted by people who have achieved enormous success in their respective fields. Ted talks are very informative. They offer a lot to learn. You just have to sign up and select your interests and it will automatically suggest talks. It is better to watch a whole talk in one shot rather than breaking it in parts. It is advised to see TED talks when the surroundings around you are calm and favorable. u222 LearnFromBlogs To the point informative blog post within 3 words. Share what you learn whether it's productivity tips success stories time management habits personal development motivation creativity etc. LFB is where the topic of your interest connects others. On Learn From Blogs platform you can share the post and discuss in detail your interesting topics. Learn From Blogs is the best place for learners to grasp learn and share knowledge all in one place. LFB is an online platform for writers scholars bloggers and lifelong learners. To the point blog-post has much to offer in terms of knowledge sharing connection building and information gathering. u222 Project Gutenberg It is a free e-book platform. Here you can download mostly every book ever written in a digital format. It also has a search and a rmendation option. It has lately also started a free newsletter. If you are a bibliophile this website is just for you. u222 Google Grasshopper This is a free app developed by Google. It gives free lessons on JavaScript. Grasshopper is the best way to start your coding lessons from absolute zero. It is easy to understand and user friendly. Guess what? You don't even require aputer. You can use it on your mobile phone also. u222 Memrise Learn more than 2 languages on this platform. You can connect it with your social accounts and make learning more fun with your friends. u222 Free Code Camp This is a free website meant to learn coding skills. It goes from beginner to advanced. It has mostly every coding language. It is free and easy to use. Many people have secured themselves jobs as a software developer by learning from this site. u222 Khan academy This platform is mainly for students. It covers every aspect of the school syllabus for every grade. From Algebra to Arts you name it and they got it all covered. u222 Wikipedia It is a world encyclopedia. It has information about mostly everything. New articles are updated daily. If you subscribe to their newsletter they will send you their best article daily. u222 MIT Blog Take a break and learn fun facts from this blog! u222 The free dictionary If you think you know everything about grammar visit this. Get to know about the word of the day or simply rear an interesting article about grammar. Apart from these you can listen to some podcasts in your free time to boost your productivity u222 Curiosity This is a science-based podcast. Every new episode is authentic and fun. There is always new to learn. u222 SodaJerker This is for music-enthusiasts. Learn about the process of music recording and get to know about the new trends in the music domain! u222 The New Yorker Podcast It covers everything from politics to fiction to poems to non-fiction. You can listen to this podcast during your morning walk or just before going to sleep. u222 Developer Tea These are podcasts made to fit in your tea break. Make your tea breaks productive! These were the famous websites and podcasts that everyone uses and listens to. You can always read more books to boost your knowledge. You can also listen to audiobooks. Keep learning! Disclaimer I am the founder of the LearnFromBlogs platform (To give summarized crisp and to-the-core posts. Learn something new every day) italic
Why are schools so reluctant to adopt technology as an everyday use?
This has been a hot topic for all of the years Ive been teaching. A school will invest in a lot of nice technology and not many teachers will use it. Then the administrators will sign the teachers up for training on the new technology thinking that that the problem. That rarely the problem. Actually this is how Ive gotten hired at a few schools. I just mention that I incorporate technology before they ask me if I do that. It a good selling point for teachers now. Im very good with technology and at every school I taught at I became the de facto tech guy. Here are most of the reasons teachers and administrators are reluctant to incorporate more technology into the classroom Lack of good wifi. This is the biggest problem most schools face. Studentputers are pretty cheap now and you can even charge the students for them. High-speed wifi that can handle all of thoseputers at the same time? That expensive. That why a lot of schools have unused class sets ofputers or iPads. Theyre designed to be online all of the time and that requires a lot of expensive behind-the-scenes tech. Lack of time. Incorporating technology into a lesson takes a lot of planning time. Sure you can re-use that plan year after year. But the first time you do it youll need an equal amount of time for setting up the lesson as you do for delivering the lesson. Most schools can afford to give teachers 11 planningteaching time. This is also why science classes don usually do labs every single day. They take time to set up. 1 There is also a lot of time required for troubleshooting problems with studentsputers. It not an add-on responsibility for a full-time teacher. Well it shouldn be. It should be a part-time job in itself. 1 Lack of motivation. Why fix something that isn broken? If youre getting good results with your current old-fashioned methods why change them? Just because something is newer or technology-based doesn mean it better. Lack of control Yes schools can get great firewalls and content filters and other oversight tools. But unless there is an adult watching everything the students do online some student is likely to find a way to abuse the system. That opens up the school to all sorts of legal problems. If a student harasses another student on a schoolputer on school time the school could be legally liable even if the schools had safeguards in place. Staring at screens all day is not good for you. It not good for the students or the teachers. I used to have my students submit their work on Google Docs. But then I switched back to paper. Why? I hated staring at a screen all day. It hurt my eyes. It also quicker and easier to grade essays that are on paper.
How can I convince employees to stop using Google Docs and switch to Microsoft Office as our security and functional requirements dictate?
The answers below are good but do not entirely answer your question. If you are using Microsoft one drive by preference to enhance employee collaboration then make it the policy statement. Make sure that yourpany Microsoft includes office 365 and the cloud support. The security protocols for Google Drive only apply if yourpany has an account for that purpose with Google. I have used both Microsoft and Google for cloud file sharing. Mypany currently has a subscription with Google where when we sign in we go through the Board of Education security protocols in order to sign into Google Drive Docs. For our school Google is preferred. The downside to Google docs Drive is trying to make students and even teachers understand that they must use the school email address with the school security. Not a personal email address which leaks security all over. Decide which you want to do and make it policy. Then talk to your IT team. Put Google Drive on the block site list if that was your decision. Make it clear in a short simple memo. Give them two weeks beforepany sanctions for using Google Docs begin.
How can Google Sheets, Docs, and/or Forms be improved for teachers or students?
I will start by exing how Google forms can be improved before moving to how Google Docs and Google sheets can be improved. I will also give an affordable alternative to Google Forms s . Google Docs and Google Sheets are increasing in popularity among teachers because they are not only free they are also very powerful. However there's no perfect product and we would like to see improvements in the following Google FormsnGoogle Forms are widely used to create surveys and can be easily be used to make questionnaires by teachers for their students. Ites with a lot of great features to customize the form howeverpared to other form builders these customization features are limited. The first improvement Google can make on their forms to make it appealing to both students and teachers is more customization options. Teachers would want to include school logos and colors to their forms and questionnaires to make it look official and Google Forms doesn provide this. The next improvement I will suggest is on-form calculations s table field and online signatures s . Having this in Google forms will change how teacherspute results sort through data and how students append their signature to consent forms. An alternative to Google forms that anyone can use not just teachers and students is Formplus the easy-to-use online form builder s that helps you to create great-looking forms. Formplus has a lot of customization features and was specifically made with the need of heavy form creators and users in mind. Google Docs and SheetsnMore features features in Google docs and sheets are limitedpared to MS Word and MS Excel respectively. Although Google products are easier to use because they have lighter features most teachers still defer to MS Word because of the robust features. I bet they will adopt Google docs they are provided with MS-Word-like features for free. Some of these features include LaTeX support code blocks and rich media s. For Google Sheets I would say making the product not entirely cloud-based. It would also help if teachers and students are equipped withplex accounting and bookkeeping formulas as seen in Microsoft Excel. Speed Improving speed will go a long way in helping students and teachers with online learning. Google Sheets still struggles when ites to processing large data this would be unfavorable to students and teachers that working with big data. Formplus is also integrated with Google Sheets s Google Drive OneDrive and Dropbox which works great for schools and organizations that already use these tools to collaborate. To get started sign up for a free trial here s . If you are a teacher student or work in a Non-profit organization you get a 2% discount off any subscription plan.
How can I build a website for a single course where students sign-in to access course material, forums and exercises?
I'd say Moodle as first choice. Alternatively was recently rmende to me. I havn't tested it but it looks pretty cool. Another way to go is with EduBlogs or a WordPress site with BuddyPress installed. In some way easier to work with than Moodle (simpler like having a smaller house Moodle is a mansion tat you can shut doors in to make it more manageable but still a big house) and free to set up via and cheap with I know lots of schools and teachers just using WordPress with BuddyPress so lots of support available i.e. Lots of YouTube how to videos andmunity of users.