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Are Ace Institute PDF notes enough to crack the GATE?
Not a single institute class notes will assure u that u r going to crack Gate only key to crack Gate is to have a good concept of each subject of ur don't rely blindly on the name of institute. All that matters is the hard work and the concepts you collected during ur go through the concepts (irrespective of the fact that they are from Ace or Made easy or whichever institute or any standard book) rather than the blind trust on any institute. ordered-list All the best for ur exams. Good luck Thanks
Where can I get a free book PDF named "Cracking Code with Python" by AL Sweigart?
Hi I had recently found out this amazing website Library Genesis where you can find many articles and books which have been paywalled or not digitalised anywhere else. To find the book you need just search it via author title or even ISBN code. Not all books are available in pdf format some are available in epub but it can be read easily with suitable epub file reader. Sometimes if search doesn work with title or author name surely check with ISBN number which can be found easily on any website selling the book. I have found it for you Library Genesis Al Sweigart
Is it legal to download and use the PDF version of "Cracking the Coding Interview 4th edition" from IIT Delhi's website?