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Where can I download highly compressed and cracked PC software?
U can go to is an ad free and awesome website for anything u want
How does the crack of a PC game/software work?
I'd first like to say this is purely for educational purposes. When I was learning assembly I was tinkering with apps and found a debugger to debug the programs it was called as OllyDbg. I accidentally learned that I could crack apps using it and to test my idea I did crack an AntiVirus program and it worked. This is only one of the techniques and here is how it's done. The app that I cracked came with two modules files called as and section . code checkActivation code push ebp code mov ebp esp code ... code ... code call validateCode code cmp eax #1 code jne activationFail code ... code ... ; Code on successful validation code ... code jmp endCheckActivation code activationFail code ... code ... ; Code to show error message code ... code endCheckActivation code pop ebp code ret code As you see there is amand afterparing called as jne which stands for jump if not equals. italic What should I do if I don't have the real activation code? Things however might not be this simple always. There will be a ton of other checks. You might not get these labels to understand what is what. I got them because I was trying a debug build. This is also a single technique there are a lots of them real crackers use.
Why are PC games and software easily cracked?
Some italic software can be easily cracked because they are built as Client-side execution programs. I'll give the technical explanation then follow on with a simplified analogy. Technical Explanation italic Client-side execution programs are easy to crack because most hackers can easily depile the binary executable into instructions. There are tools which can do this easily see Wikipedia for Dpiler . Programs contain a list of instructions and procedures (known as functions) which tell yourputer how to behave what numbers to add and what images to show. It's a full blueprint of what to do and exactly how to do it. Using a dpiler a Hacker trace the activity of a program and look at what functions (or multiple functions) are used for TRUE or FALSE validation. These validation functions are often only used on startup some more advanced software algorithms may possibly sprinkle these validation functions throughout the code. When the Hacker sees a validation function they simply change the code to always return TRUE at all times. I'm simplifying it a bit here but that's pretty much how basic it is. Simplified Analogy italic Let's pretend we have a friendly security protocol to check if your building is on-fire. You live on the 5th floor of the building so you rely on the information given to you from your management office on the 1st floor. Your problem is that you always need to call your awesomely-friendly-always-picks-up-on-the-first-phone-call management office. You ask Is the building on fire? italic They take you seriously. They check all the sensors. They send guards to check the floors. They do all the leg work and tell you Nope. You are okay. italic Now you've been hacked! Someone has replaced your awesomely-friendly-management office receptionist with.... an intern but you don't know this. You call like you normally do and ask again Is the building on fire? italic The voice over the phone waits for a period of time Nope. You are okay. italic