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PDF-xchange Move License Key: What You Should Know

Activate/Deactivate/Remove a Machine from My License? Which version of the Open-Xchange software should be installed? This question is specific to the license for which you are activating the machine. This question applies ONLY to a specific license key for that machine Why does My Open-Xchange license not appear in the list of licenses? There are a number of possible reasons why your Open-Xchange license may not show up for activation. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a completely current license key, your computer should be ready to complete its activation. If your Open-Xchange license has expired, follow the instructions at below: Note: As well as Open-Xchange software and Open-Xchange-DLC we also have other subscription-style products such as Open-Xchange-Tracker, our OpenXchange-Trailblazers and the Open-Xchange-Logos. If you are not familiar with Open-Xchange software and/or Open-Xchange-DLC, please visit our Open-Xchange products page for more information. How do I access the serial key to activate the Open-Xchange License Key? The serial key is your one-and only access way to activate the license for one Open-Xchange license. This key is a 32-character long code that is provided to activate the license for just ONE Open-Xchange license. It is NOT a backup password or a password for an unlimited number of copies of the program that require activation. The serial key works ONLY for one machine that has that license code in the database of the serial key. What if I don't know the Open-Xchange license key? Visit the FAQs and click the Get Help button below: What should I do if I purchased a new version of Open-Xchange-Tracker? When purchasing new versions of the Open-Xchange software, please follow the below instructions: Uninstall your previous version of Open-Xchange-Tracker. Install and open your new version of Open-Xchange-Tracker I did NOT purchase a new version of Open-Xchange-Tracker. Follow the following instructions instead: Restart Open-Xchange and activate the new license: Click the Activate license key button on the Settings page I purchased a new license only for my Open-Xchange-Tracker.

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