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Is Lumin Skin Care Safe: What You Should Know

Lumen Skin Review: The Adult Man May 20, 2024 — The balm is pretty decent at moisturizing, leaving me with a very soft, smooth, and hydrated skin. Lumen Skincare Review: The Adult Man Sep 21, 2024 — The age of Lumen is here! They had a small test here, a sample pack of 10 products in their skincare line. Lumen Skin Review — The Modest Man Feb 16, 2024 — I like that you can customize your Lumen skin cream. It would be good if  Lumen Review after 8 months of use — The Senior Citizen I think Lumen was the best skin care company that I reviewed. The packaging of their products look amazing. The ingredient lists are good. They have amazing customer service. Lumen Skin Review— The Adult Man Apr 8, 2024 — I love the packaging, and I'm so glad that I bought the cream from Lumens.  Lumen Skin Review — The Senior Citizen Feb 1 2024 — The packaging is well-designed for a professional-looking product without excessive frills.  Lumen Skin Review — The Senior Citizen Jun 10 2024 — I love the new packaging. It's cleaner and easier to keep things organized.  Lumen Skin Review — The Senior Citizen Sep 1 2024 — I love the fresh skincare look that Lumen shows. It also feels like a well-made, expensive product.  Lumen Skin Review — The Senior Citizen Dec 2 2024 — I like that Lumens doesn't feel like an expensive-looking product while also delivering. Is My Overall Rating of Lumen Skin Care for Adults 5/5? Lumen Skincare Review (1821) — 5/5. The first Lumen skin care box arrived to me in November 2018. I tested it for 2 weeks and wrote a Lumen review on this blog.  I gave the overall 5/5 rating based on 3 important factors: Customer Service — 2/5. This review has been edited to reflect this.  Product — 3/5. I rated the products based on the Lumen skincare box. I did not rate the products  on their actual effects. I didn't want to give them more than what they received — which I considered a good enough product.

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