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Google Drive Nau: What You Should Know

It's free and works on Mac, Windows, Linux. And even on Android devices. You might want to give it a try for some office files on your PC, or a few pictures you take with your tablet. My Student Services Center, NAU Student Support Services, and  NAUSEA, NAUSEA Help Desk and NAUSEA Email NAUSEA provides information technology support to all undergraduate and graduate students on campus. Nauseam NAUSEA provides one-on-one, private and confidential student help on any computing, technological and social technology problem. Nauseam is not a campus resource. The NAUSEA Help Desk was established as part of the Digital Arts Center to provide individual, confidential technical and social services to NAUSEA campus students for use in their own learning pursuits. The services are available to all students on campus who have enrolled in the NAUSEA degree (not including Graduate and Professional Students) or its related programs. NAUSEA is funded by the university through the Office of Technology Development. The University recognizes students' contributions in enabling technology innovations. This grant supports the development and maintenance of the NAUSEA Help Desk in providing timely, personal, individual service to students, their families, and their other supporters. This project is managed by the Office of Technology Development (OTA). NAUSEA is funded by the NAUSEA Foundation The NAUSEA Foundation grants a portion of its revenues to the Office of Technology Development (OTA) to be used for the support of the Help Desk. The Foundation supports this project with a gift of 1.00 per NAUSEA member per month. Online resources NAUSEA offers online resources as well as a community portal. To learn more and receive notifications for new tools and resources, visit: The NAUSEA Portal on NAUSEA's campus is a central hub for access to the resources. It allows you to: Search by course name. Search by unit Search by instructor Search by department View all your saved searches Browse by categories Use the NAUSEA Resource Search To access the NAUSEA Resource Search, access the Help Desk with your credentials and go to: The Resource Search is also available in Google Chrome on mobile devices. Get Help from the NAUSEA Help Desk The online Help Desk provides immediate, accessible help.

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