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Hi there Jamie Keith here tonight a teacher's Tek hope everyone's having a great night tonight tonight I want to take a look at the explore feature that you have in Google Docs Google slides and in Google sheets here it's a very handy feature to use to make some great looking presentations very quickly very simply great looking documents to get some extra research again very quickly and easily a OneNote I just want to make is that I'm using my free gmail account my Google account and it is that feature is listed in that one but when I switch over to my Google Apps account currently it's not there but I'm sure it's going to come very very shortly so if you have some problems finding it that could be the case anyways let's get started at looking at this explore feature so I just quickly put together a Google slides here about dogs it's only three three slides long as you can see but I just want to use this explore feature to show you how quickly you can alter it and make it make changes to it so you're gonna find Explorer in a couple of different places I tend to use it just by clicking down at the bottom here right hand corner you can see there's Explorer here but if you go up to tools you also have it here and remember it still might say research if you're not in if it's not listed in your account yet but oh so I'll go ahead and click on this and you get this pane down the right-hand side and I have some just some text inserted in here and I like how quickly now it gives me different examples which I can click and it will change it up here as I click through so very quickly if you have some text it'll change it around and make some suggestions that you might want to try this I'm just gonna click on to my next slide here I'm just going to I'll end it right here for now I'm gonna go to the image one here and when I click on the image one what I like about this is probably this is the my favorite feature with Google slides it's just how quickly it can take if you put your good images in it's how quickly I can just take a slide and give you so many ideas how to place your image so if I just click on a few like this or like this how it blackens out but you can still see the dogs in the background it gives you a place to write your text it quickly can put it around make it into a picture frame on it and so there's so many different ways that it can change it up to make a great-looking presentation and you can just kind of scroll down.