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PDF-xchange Pro Price: What You Should Know

USD 881.70.00 and the “all-in-one solution for the web and mobile”, there is the second part — Open-Xchange Pro OCR, a complete package consisting of Open-Xchange Pro, Open-Xchange Pro OCR Plugin, Web-TO-Text Plugin, and Digital Media Manager plugin, which runs on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices. A year of Open-Xchange Pro OCR starts at 144 for 100 pages for a single user license. A year of Open-Xchange Pro OCR without Open-Xchange OCR works similarly, but the price can go as high as USD 1,058 for a single user license; and this package is also available in “All-in-One”. You get the editor, PDF creator, Open-Xchange PDF and OCR (PDF & OCR), Web-TO-Text and Digital Media Manager plugins, plus all the updates for one year. At USD 1,955, it's an expensive package, which comes to 1,567.00 / Year. For our review, we chose Open-Xchange OCR, which runs on Mac OS X and iOS. We are happy to recommend Open-Xchange OCR as an option — the price is much more reasonable than Open-Xchange PDF creator. To see the complete details about Open-Xchange OCR: download OCR Pro for free, it can read an OCR file in 20 seconds for 1.49. Open-Xchange Pro OCR tutorial for beginners — Schrader May 12, 2024 — “Open-Xchange Pro is for those who want to be able to create a PDF online and have it read back to them with Open-Xchange OCR. This is possible by means of the Web-TO-Text plugin (for iOS) or the Digital Media Manager plugin (for Android). It is a very flexible software that can create PDF's to any dimensions. It can create any combination of colors, fonts, layouts, sizes and so on. Furthermore, it has tons of templates to fit each need. Furthermore, it is fast and works well with mobile devices. The only thing that could be improved is support for PDFs, which is a huge gap in the industry. You can download all of our software for free, including Open-Xchange PDF creator for Android and iOS.

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