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PDF-xchange Editor Plus Vs Pro: What You Should Know

The regular version costs €99.80, while the premium version costs €299.80. Open-Xchange Professional is a very sophisticated solution for working with PDFs. It offers full support for all formats of PDF — both for single text items and multi-page PDF documents. It also includes Open-Xchange Document Viewer for viewing the documents as PDFs. Open-Xchange is also the only service that can open and manage the Adobe Acrobat PDF file formats. The Acrobat extension for Open-Xchange does not offer any integration with Acrobat (the program itself can open PDFs and view pages without interaction, or even with a keyboard shortcut), but it can be used to view the current PDF on web pages by clicking the 'open Acrobat on this Link' button in the PDF Viewer. Open-Xchange is a premium product, with a yearly fee of €99.00, plus VAT. The monthly fee is currently offered at €79.89, but is subject to a yearly fee of €49.89. If your company doesn't want to pay the annual fee, Open-Xchange's free trial period can be used to evaluate all its features, and to get a sense of what is available in the full version. For business use, a yearly membership for one user is normally sufficient. Open-Xchange has many of the standard file formats that have been introduced over the past 20 years. However, Open-Xchange does not necessarily offer the same interface that is available with the more popular open source solutions. Open-Xchange Pro is the ultimate PDF solution. · It offers all features that can be acquired with similar programs in many versions of Linux and BSD. · It is the only solution that integrates with all PDF file formats. · Open-Xchange is able to view documents opened over the network within a networked computer. · Open-Xchange has integration with the powerful Adobe Acrobat 9-10. · Adobe Acrobat Professional 11.x and PDF Viewer 9 in Open-Xchange can use the same documents, as PDF documents created under Open-Xchange can also be opened or previewed in Acrobat. · Open-Xchange can open Word and Excel documents by using the .DOC format, or by directly editing the documents using the document file directly. · Open-Xchange makes use of the same PDF file format as Word with the Acrobat extension, and can view documents opened over the network within a networked computer.

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