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Hello in this video we'll be going over how to combine pdfs and some page manipulation so to get us started i'll go ahead and open up a pdf exchange and the easiest way i find to combine pdfs is to create a new pdf if you go to file and then over to new document you'll see a couple of options here one of them is the combined into single pdfs you can also create your portfolios from here as well we'll click on that and then what you want to do is hit add files and if you have this all the files that you want to combine into a pdf under the same folder you can click on it and then hold down your control key and then click on the other one that you want to add in there or the multiples that you want to add once uh you have the ones highlighted that you want to add into a pdf just click on open and here maybe you want to change the order you can select and then hit your up arrow or down arrow for however you want the pages to appear once you're happy with that you can click ok if you did have a pdf in maybe a different location you could just go back to add files and then select the pdf you wanted and just continue to load those all up once you're good with it click ok and it'll add all those together whenever i'm combining pdfs i like to take advantage of one of the optional views on the bottom right here under options i can click there and then i want to select the thumbnails option the shortcut for that is ctrl t and it'll open up a preview of the pages in in the way they have them laid out you'll see a little uh orange highlighted rectangle there for like where on the page you are as you scroll you can see that move so if i'm happy with this i could just save it but maybe i didn't want this page number two i can right click there and just delete the page altogether move that out of there i can select these cogs here if i wanted to maybe insert a page so we can hit insert and let's do this guy here and then you have a whole lot of options uh for whenever you're copying or inserting in a page one of the uh items is if it maybe had comments or form fields you can choose to not copy those and then you can actually select a page range for that document if it was a multiple page document and you only wanted page one you could just do a custom there and just do one of one i'll just select all for my purposes and then lastly it'll ask the destination for where you want to ...