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As Someone Who Came From A Low Socioeconomic Class?

Not true. Ivys are actively seeking students from public schools, even ones who could never afford the tuition and cost of living. The reason students from private schools get in frequently is threefold. first, t are given opportunities to round out their portfolio with charity work, and focus on skills like debating and research. T have world experiences that make them good candidates. Second, t have a lot of support writing applications and preparing for national tests. Third, many private high schools have legacy families. If you are from a legacy family (like Trump or Bush) it’s a lot easier to get in. All that said, motivated public school students make up a section of every freshman year at all these great schools. Only about .001% of all students attend all the Ivys (East and Weat) put together. Most kids who apply don’t get in, period.

Fill out PDF: All You Need to Know

In the Ivy League all the top ten schools are privately operated, with very little collaboration between the schools. To be an outstanding student, one should not have private school connections or be the son or daughter of an alum. If t want t get more than the basic requirements of acceptance to an Ivy, one should focus on private institutions where tuition and expenses are lower. The Ivy's have been accused of taking advantage of the low-income students that they admit to their schools, especially at Yale, where t attend, because it brings in the most money. There is a conspiracy theory on the internet about why private schools take private dollars from private philanthropy. This is not the case. All the great schools have strict admissions requirements and accept no more than 50% of students in their freshman classes. All the top ten public high schools in.

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