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Can My Husband Come Back With Me To The United States If We Marry In?

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Can My Husband Come Back With Me To The United States If We Marry In?

Without ever meeting in person, I really doubt that any embassy will grant her Fiancé Visa. The best route is, you to make a visit to her country, spend some time with her in real life, propose her, marry her officially and then based on that marriage license you can very well apply Spousal Visa for her (she will be granted Green Card) All the best!

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Step 16 Now that your husband will be granted full Alien visa, it's time to decide what to do about that B-1 Visa. The B-1 Visa is for those who need very specialized professional qualifications for their companies, for example if you have a specialized business in the US-China relations or if you need very specific professional qualifications, you might need this B-1 Visa. You can't apply for B-1 Visa on your husband's Alien Visa. You might be granted this B-1 Visa in your marriage petition, but it seems the US State Dept. does not approve of this. This means you'll need to apply for such visas on your own to your company. Now that we know what to do on our B-1 Visa, you have two choices. Option 1 You can apply for your B-1 Visa in your first marriage application and then apply for it when your visa expires. This will reduce your wait.

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