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How Would You Use Social Media For Prospecting And Lead Generation?

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How Would You Use Social Media For Prospecting And Lead Generation?

Have you considered using your website as a sales prospecting tool? You spend a lot of time and effort in generating traffic to your website but only about 2% of your traffic actually converts. That means you’re missing out on a lot of potential prospects. With a website visitor tracking software, you can quickly uncover the companies visiting your site that don’t convert. Specifically, with a tool like Clickback WEB you’ll identify the companies visiting your site and also gain a list of potential prospects at those companies. This means your sales team will have actionable leads to reach out too. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to give Clickback WEB a test drive! Disclaimer. I work for Clickback.

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I'm the author of several of their tools, but this site is not affiliated with Click back Web Development. This article is all general advertising material from Click back Web Development. I'm not trying to get any business with Click back. What I’m trying to do is teach you about their free trial, so you can see for yourself if click back is for you, without any strings attached. Now, after you sign Up for Free Trial you'll get 30-days Free Trial! Just don't forget to return for your Free Trial! You get a 30-Day Free Trial and you can access your Trial anytime, anywhere. You also get a 14-day trial as well. You Get a Free Trial with Click back We are the #1 Site to Sign Up For a Free Trial On Click back With Click back, you can save a lot of time and effort in developing great.

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