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In California?

In Illinois, some license plate numbers, come with the owners Drivers license information attached, and some do not. I’m not sure how you go about getting plates in your name, and not attaching your Drivers license info, but in Illinois it’s fairly common, because about half the plates I ran had it and the other half did not. I checked all my vehicles plates, and t all had my DL info attached, but I never figure out how or why when some others do not. It’s obviously ideal not to attach your DL’s info to plate, because then all an officer has to do is run your plate, and if your license was recently suspended, the Officer will instantly be notified, hence making him more likely to stop the vehicle and see if the suspended owner is driving. When you ran a plate, if the DL info was attached, the first page would be Owners info, minus your DL number, and then the second page would be the owners DL info, basic info including DL number, and status of said DL. Where as if it wasn’t attach, we would just see the Owners, name, and address, not even a date of birth would be on that page. Meaning not only could running your plates notify us you were suspended, it would be extremely difficult and time consuming to look up the owners drivers license status, since you need the DL number, and or the owners Name, and date of birth, neither of which is provided on that first page which is all you get if DL info isn’t attached. Its still possible to do what’s called a Soundex of just your name, that would then give us a list of potential DL files that might belong to that person, but we then would have to verify an address or some info that matches and proves that file belongs to that vehicles owner. But again it’s not a quick find, and can be even harder if you register the plates to one address, and the info on your DL to a different address. When owners of vehicles did that made it even harder to get their DL status just off plates if not impossible

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What? Yeah. So there you have it. That is the best way I can think to get plates in your OWN name in Illinois. And now we go into a state of confusion. I’m assuming the plate readers can read the info we have on plates because we are getting the DL info without the DL number, but as this page shows, that might not be the case anymore, and we would need some form of proof of ownership. But, where is that proof? So, if we take another person's car, we can show him plates on the plate reader that match the plates on his plate reader. Let me explain this so you understand. A plate information is one of your two ID numbers, this is why people change from one and back, sometimes not even changing their license plate at all in a few years, so when you get a.

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