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In Filling Out The Gate Application Form?

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Fill out PDF: All You Need to Know

Registration application form for a public exhibition will be available in the following month from April 1st. Once the registration form is successfully submitted to the venue and approved by the organizer, you can expect the receipt of your GATE entry ticket within four weeks from the day you registered. If you want to download the registration application form, click here. GATE Ticket for the Exhibition Opening When you arrive at the exhibition premises, the organizer will ask you to sign on the GATE application form. Once signed by you, you can proceed to the ticket counter to buy the GATE tickets. The price of the GATE tickets that you can buy range from RM150 for an adult ticket, RM35 per child to RM35 each for an infant, toddler and preschool age child. Please note that you can only buy GATE tickets on the day of your visit. GATE Ticket Existing Exhibition Admission Tickets GATE.

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