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Is It Okay To Post A Medical Records Release On Your Practice Website?

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Is It Okay To Post A Medical Records Release On Your Practice Website?

It would seem illogical to sign a release if we were to hand the report directly to the hand of the patient. But we must have documented proof in case t release them to third parties and claim we gave directly. Patients can be funny. Last month I released a report to a third party who came to collect with an authorization to collect and consent from a patient. Then he told me I should have informed him before handing the report over. Reason was that the report was misplaced and both the other parties were not taking responsibility. Sorry to go off point. Thought it is a good time to blow off steam.

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Last week, a hacker claiming to be behind an identity theft scheme broke into the U.S. Social Security Administration's website to collect names, passwords, and security questions, a security breach affecting tens of millions of records. “I hope the lesson to take away from this is, 'You just can't leave the information open to the Internet.' We cannot stop a well-funded attacker from finding this information and taking it over, but we can at least make sure that it isn't open to everyone.” — Jennifer Ditch field, the Stanford computer science professor, when he reported the breach to the university. “Don't trust the website,” “The most common defense against being hacked is by doing everything on your own, and even this is no guarantee against an attack,” Dr. Ditch field wrote to the Harvard Law School. He advised that his students do “as much research as they can, but.

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