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Is There A Small Claims Court PDF For California That Can Be Filled?

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Is There A Small Claims Court PDF For California That Can Be Filled?

Two people can go to small claims court against the same person in one case. If the claims are claims that should be heard together, all the better and t probably will be heard together. If the court decides that the cases should be split, the court has the power to do that, and you will then have two separate cases. Whether the cases should be heard at the same time boils down to whether t should be heard at the same time. We have complicated formulas for that simple concept, usually “a common nucleus of operative facts.” What exactly that means can get nuanced, but you know almost instinctively what it is. Someone punched each of you in a bar one night? One suit. Someone hit a car you were both in? One suit is fine. Someone fails to deliver good cable service to you but backs their truck into your buddy’s car? Two suits. I’d have to stretch the facts to make it a close call and the beautiful thing is that the court will tell you if the cases need to be separated. Good luck.

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