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Yes! My girlfriend, who I met here on Quora (Claire Burns; she was wrongfully banned), is coming to meet me on Saturday! This will be my first time meeting someone I met off the internet, which to most people sounds risky at first glance, but I can assure you that we’re both safe. I didn’t think I’d be able to meet her so early—in all honesty I thought we’d meet when we were 16–18 and could drive to each other on our own. This whole thing started when my mom and stepdad were wondering if I had a boyfriend. Every time t would question me about which boy I liked at school, I would awkwardly tell them I didn’t like anyone and continue what I was doing. I don’t know how t knew that I had someone on my mind, but t did. My stepdad walked into the room one night and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” I shook my head as usual. “How about a girlfriend?” I was silent, staring at him with shock. Knowing what my answer was going to be, he smirked and left the room, and I felt a sudden surge of relief, knowing that he was supportive. I wasn’t even planning on telling my mom or my stepdad about Claire until much, much later, because I thought there was a possibility that t would react negatively and make us break up. I know that most adults consider middle school relationships to be illogical or pointless, or that middle schoolers are too immature to be fully capable of a relationship, which is why I was so anxious to tell them. A lot of adults I’ve talked to about this question me. T believe I’m “steering in the wrong direction”. Many of them criticize us for being a same-sex couple, for being an interracial couple, and for being young. Adults have every reason to hate us and be close-minded about our relationship, but my mother and stepdad did not react that way, which I’m grateful for. I told them about how it was my one and only wish to meet Claire, and t agreed to let me meet up with her. Soon after, Claire told her mother about me and that we’re dating, and she was also supportive of us. This event is incredibly important to me. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that has made me so happy. Claire has helped me through the times when I lived with my abusive father, and in many other ways, as well. Despite all of the criticism we get for being with each other, I love her. I’d run away and forget about the world to be with her if it was necessary. — Since Claire and I are meeting up, we’re going to take a lot of pictures, so I’ll be sure to keep my Quora followers updated on that, I’ll also be posting it on my Instagram account, which is Sonya Lee (@m00n_dr0ps) • Instagram photos and videos if you want to follow me there.

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I hope that this will help a lot of people who want to date somebody other than their mother and stepfather. If you want to know more about us’ve met, check out our Quora post on how to be successful in meeting a girlfriend. Update on Tuesday, July 16, 2017 Claire, I will bring you all up to date: 1) The initial contact with my friends about Claire had a bad response. So after contacting other Quora users who were more open-minded about our relationship, and finding more people who were open to the idea, our contact increased. I didn’t expect the response that we received from people, and it was incredibly encouraging. Many of my Quora followers have been supportive of this idea and have helped us to get more and more updates about Claire. 2) I have met her. 3) We’ve been together, so far, and we have been very much in.

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