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Is There Open Source Tax Filing Software?

I’d invite you to check out the Streamlined Sales Tax program. 23 states have banded together to make registration, calculation and sales tax returns free if you qualify, Avalara is one of several certified providers that can administer this part of your sales tax compliance efforts (SST states) at no charge. I’m sure that Avalara or any of the other certified providers would be happy to discuss the details with you.

Fill out PDF: All You Need to Know

Fees can be on the high end for large corporations, low-end for small ones.  This has become standard practice for small businesses. For example, if you have a 1099 you have to pay the IRS either 2,500 or one-half of 1% of total gross receipts for taxes, depending on whether it's a wage or an investment, and whether you itemize or pay the standard deduction.  Then you pay state and federal income taxes at an average of 24% plus federal taxes.  In order to minimize or even avoid those taxes, pay as little as possible and then itemize deductions and take full advantage of the standard deduction. This seems like an obvious strategy for a small business, as in any business, all the money goes into the pockets of the owners, and the return is the return on your investment. However, most small business owners who are struggling can't afford to.

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