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What Are Other Ways To Combat Anxiety And Depression Other Than?

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What Are Other Ways To Combat Anxiety And Depression Other Than?

Try to look at the root of your depression and anxiety. Dig deeper in your mind and find out why you are feeling this way. Do EFT tapping Brad Yates is very good you will find him on YouTube and he has helped me immensely. Spend more time in nature go outside more. Make sure you are getting lots of sunlight. Clean up your diet, drink lots of water. Avoid isolating yourself and try to socialise with positive people (I know socialising is hard when you have anxiety and depression but try to force yourself to do this even in small amounts). Write out how you feel, journal and understand your triggers for anxiety. Try to take small steps to face the things you are anxious of to take away its control over you. Try to sleep well go to bed early wake up early. Set yourself goals and small tasks of things to do through the day so you feel you have purpose. Write down your dreams try to carry them out one by one. Write down all the reasons you are an amazing person and read them regularly. Talk nicely to yourself replace negative thoughts with good ones and watch the positive start out weighing the bad. Often times you will find your inner dialogue is your own worst enemy. Treat yourself as though you were your very best friend. Love yourself and engage in self care activities. These things have all helped me in my long and painful road with anxiety and depression and I can say finally I do have more good days than bad. Good luck to you.

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How to deal with your depression Do something nice for something that will keep your mind working or focus. Take a walk.  Do something different. Go for a walk at a different time of day. Do something you've always wanted to do. Get together with friends. Go to a movie. Watch TV. Do whatever you always have wanted to do. Do something you've always wanted to do because there is no one else around. Take care of yourself! Get some sleep. Make an effort to eat right. Do something you like. Talk to a friend.  Go to your doctor. Let her be your therapist.

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