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What Are The Worst Examples Of Poor Ui Design In Common Use?

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What Are The Worst Examples Of Poor Ui Design In Common Use?

Pinterest app is very poorly designed. Since the focus is on images, the UX should be constructed so that viewing the images is easy and intuitive. Since I'm using a phone, the images are small, so when I click on the image, it is most likely because I want to see the image. But Pinterest does not allow this. Instead some very unintuitive actions occur. Clicking the image takes me to an external, 3rd party website. Most of the time when this foreign website loads, the image I am looking for is not immediately visible, so I have to begin searching for the image on excessively long (sometimes infinite) pages. If and when I do finally find the image, it is displayed at normal size. Again, I'm using a mobile device to browse, so this small size simply will not do. Naturally, I place my thumb and index finger on the screen to conduct a "zoom in" gesture, but, tragically, this feature was not built into the Pinterest app. Zooming in is not a part of the image-based app Pinterest.

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Once again, sign up forms are often the target of click fraud, i.e. the scumbags who click in to sign you up for things where you may not even sign up. So you do the work for them. 2) If you can’t sign up for something, you don’t need to. So let's go a step further, and look at why you shouldn’t use a sign-up form at all. Why sign up for something you aren't going to use? Why not just write a check? If you know exactly how much you want to spend (and are spending), you can simply write a check to the company that provides the product or service. You write the check, they send you a receipt, they pay for the goods and services. No form, no headache, and you don't have to worry about any type of fraud! 3) Signing up for things over and over.

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