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What Have You Seen On A Job Resume That Made Your Jaw Drop?

What happened in Vegas that made your jaw drop? Watching my newlywed wife play $2 dollar Blackjack. It was about 31 years ago, we were newly weds staying at the Sands Hotel and Casino. I was sunning by the pool while my wife, I thought, was taking a nap. I’ve been to Vegas around 40+ times in the past 30 years. Twice for pleasure, the rest were business related. To say there were a few ‘Jaw Drop’ events would be a understatement. I returned to our room, it was around 4 p.m, there I found a note. “, I’m in the casino.” ”Well, OK.” So I take a shower, get myself looking good. It was around 5 p.m. when I got to the casino. Normally she would be playing the Penny slots, I couldn’t find her. I began to walk around the tables, there she was, playing $2 dollar Blackjack. I noticed a few people standing around the table. ”Why are all the people around the table?” Heading towards her direction it’s then, my jaw dropped, I thought Jonny Bench was sitting beside her. “Nah, no way.” As I approached her from behind, the first thing’s I see are two huge rings, each worn by different men, one on her left then another on her right. It was the first time I had ever seen a Championship Ring. On her left, yep, Jonny Bench then on her right, there’s Tom Seaver. I’m thinking “Holy crap!” I lean in, then say “” to my wife. She’s all happy, she’s won around $40 dollars. I watch for a few minutes, then very quietly whisper in her ear; “Do you know who these guys are?” “No.” She’s having a great time, so I head over to a different table. After an hour, it’s then she came to the table I was on. Again I asked her, “Do you have any idea who those guys were?” “No, t were really nice.” It’s then I tell her who t were. I see her look, one of “So?” Well it doesn’t end there. We go out for dinner then return back at the Sands. Back to the casino. We separate, she wanted to play $2 dollar Blackjack again. I head to a different area to play Texas Hold’em. Time passes so fast. I took a break after playing two hours. It’s around 10.30 p.m.. The casino was packed, I had a hard time finding my wife. Why? Well there’s a huge group of people standing around a Blackjack table. I could barely see her blonde hair, she’s sitting in the middle. There’s casino security keeping rail birds at a distance. I began to try to get to her, at first I was stopped. It’s then explained my wife’s playing, I wanted to speak to her. T allowed me through. No crap, again there’s Bench, Seaver and two other guys playing. I didn’t recognize the other two, but t looked familiar, t knew Bench and Seaver. It was around midnight when she showed up at the Hold’em table’s. I was done playing. As we were walking back to our room I asked “How did you get a seat with those guys again?” “I didn’t do anything. I was at the table by myself, then those guys showed up.” “One of them said, “It’s our lucky charm!” then t sat down.”

Fill out PDF: All You Need to Know

Here's a quick list of things to avoid with BDSM: Don’t let them pick up your toys for you if they get the wrong ones. Some guys use a rubber whip to punish people they aren’t into because it can be harder to get it out and remove when they want to. Don’t go to any BDSM parties unless you know the person you are dealing with and have their permission (even for a few seconds), and if you don’t have their permission, don’t attend the party in the first place. No matter how much they want you to have something, don’t give that thing to them under normal circumstances (except a few instances). Don’t get involved if they are doing it for money or just out of spite. If you are at some kind of BDSM party and have the wrong kind of toys, you.

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