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What If A 2 Months Old New Employee Need To Submit Tax Proofs For Tax?

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What If A 2 Months Old New Employee Need To Submit Tax Proofs For Tax?

Hi One common misconception amongst taxpayers is that of submitting documents to IT Dept while filing ITR Remember While filing no need to submit docs. Just ensure all docs are handy as u can produce when required. cheers, Sujit Bangar, Founder TaxBuddy .com FinBingo .com

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Tax Returns in less time: 1. Search the .com websites: 2. Use the search bar, type the words “tax return”, select “the search box” and fill in all your details. This is also the first phase of checking tax returns for the year, before filing. 3. Check the documents: 4. After all required forms are sent through the mail, you need to check them again, the first time to know which doc is valid for your year. Once you get all the doc's then you prepare the tax return and submit it with the relevant taxpayer details by the due date of the tax return. 5. Check the returns if any errors have been made. It may be easy to catch some issues but don't be surprised if you get refund of Rs 30000. A complete copy of your return is always essential. If there are any.

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