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What Is The Cops Eating Donuts Of Your Profession?

He probably just wants a doughnut. However in the town that I grew up in, there was a doughnut shop that had a "nerve center" for tracking calls, instead of going to the persons house to tap their calls (odd I know, I never found out why). Each time a cop wanted to go back with someone to tap into their phone calls for ransoms or lost kids or whatever, I found out there's about 20–30 different "orders", a maple long john (maple bar) was a run away that wanted to come home, cake with sprinkles was abducted infant, and you get the point, and no I'm not looking at any trouble by saying this because t ended this type of service as it was just way too difficult and started to go to houses like normal cops…. The doughnut shop is still there, still ran by the same asian family, but their backroom was renovated and turned into a "lounge" for police to meet, speak, and just talk with locals about what to do with this or how to handle that, or just have a sit back and enjoy life.

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They are all busy, ‧ this customer continues, ‪‬they are all working, ‧ if one of them doesn’t answer my message, I will get back to them. ‪‬The guys are not happy with me, they don’t trust me and call me names.‧ If the same thing happens to me, ‫ I don’t know what to expect next. ‪‬But anyway, ‭ ‬I get that feeling that maybe those guys are right.‭ ‬I have been in the same situation myself, ‭ ‬and I don’t know why I keep quiet, ‭ ‬like me, ‭ ‬but at the same time, ‭ ‬I want to tell this customer he did not have to be so rude. ‪‬There are some people who think they’ve had it easy.‭ ‬They feel like they were born to be successful, ‭ ‬and they have all the.

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