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What Is The Externship Program At Mit?

The Department of Applied Biological Sciences (formerly known as Food & Nutrition, among other names) was known as Course XX. Its elimination was announced on January 6, 1987, Page on (MIT drop applied biology department, p 2) to outrage from the faculty not only of Course XX but most of the faculty of MIT, and many students. Dean Gene Brown of the School of Science publicly said the the department was being dissolved because it was of poor quality, so that it was thought to be impossible to reverse the decision. John Deutsch was believed to have been behind the move, and it was considered one of the major reasons why he was never able to become president of MIT, becoming head of the CIA instead. Most of the senior faculty were able to move to other departments, undergraduates in the program were able to to complete it, although many switched to other departments, and graduate students were either switched to other departments or departed. It was a horrible mess, and the MIT Faculty responded by setting up an official process for vetting future department dissolutions. What Do These Course Abbreviations Mean? gives a list of other missing departments/programs that previously existed.

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In most cases, you can schedule an interview in a few weeks after you have submitted everything to MIT in a timely manner. For information about how much we pay, please visit our Visiting Faculty page You are encouraged to ask us about the costs associated with an interview when you go through the process.  Please submit questions to our Visiting Faculty Contact Center at [email protected] or from campus, and we will reply in full to you. Our Visiting Faculty Contact Center is open Monday through Friday, from 6am to 8pm. It is also important to remember that MIT is very busy and does not have time for everyone. So, if you come to MIT and decide not to be an MIT undergraduate student, please do not feel discouraged. You may have heard that MIT is not the only school that interviews undergraduate applicants, but you must understand.

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