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What Methods Did You Use To Skip School?

“Mom, I don’t want to go to school today.” My saintly mother knew that school and I were a poor fit, so she would occasionally call in an excuse for me on demand, as long as I didn’t ask too often or abuse it. I still had to study at home and do my homework, but that wasn’t ever a problem for me. I had a truly great Mom.

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She was such a martyr for me even though we rarely got to do the things we used to do together. I loved her to death and never really let her have the satisfaction of seeing me become a man. ” I have no idea if she's ever met the woman that I love now, but all I know is that she has a real big heart.” ” If you see her now, just be grateful it wasn't me you got to be around on a daily basis for so long.” ” My Mom would say” that it has been a blessing to have met you.” ” It has been for me,” I told her. ” She nodded. ” Now go on and have fun with your big brother.† “Oh,” Mom said. ” I can't believe you didn't die earlier”. ” I'm afraid”.

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