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What Was Donna Brazile Talking About When She Said?

100% of “domestic abusers” could always get firearms and will always be able to get firearms. T can. Buy them legally from licensed dealers if t don’t have an active restraining order out (and even if t do, t can do so if t get the weapon prior to the restraining order being entered into the system) Buy them (again legally) from a private party Borrow them from a friend, relative or acquaintance Buy them from a criminal gun dealer on the street Steal them Unless Ms. Bazile (with whose opinions I usually agree) knows something that I don’t, there are no conceivable measures that could prevent someone who wants a firearm and who has the cash to pay for one from getting one. Or stealing one.

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And then who are those responsible for the crime? “ So this is the same guy that you're worried that he's going to buy a gun and use it against you and the people you love? That's exactly why I want this guy prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We all love our kids but the last thing we want is to have to put my own children and grandchildren in danger because of someone with a gun. “ —Raj Rajkumar “ I agree that it would be a good day to ban all guns. Now we can get rid of some violent criminals and some insane people. I'm 100% happy. However, you have to consider the potential for abuse of a gun; something that I don't think anyone can ever imagine. I remember the first time I had to use my own gun. I was 12 years old, and I had to.

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