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Which Is Better A PDF Document Or A Word Document?

Word. A Photoshop file is highly likely to be incompatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS), the software many companies use to screen resumes. Use Word or PDF if you want to be considered.

Fill out PDF: All You Need to Know

Use Word files as attachments to resume files that are meant to go in a system similar to Anti and Google Drive. For example, use PDF files to attach a PDF resume or Word files to a Word resume. Using other file types on an applicant tracking system is likely to cause a user error. Tips for creating Word, PDF, and Microsoft Word attachments on an Anti and Google Drive resume system: • Use one attachment per Word, PDF, or Microsoft Word file. • Only upload one attachment file at a time in addition to the rest of your file. • Be sure to save your file before you submit an applicant tracking system (ATS) review. • When using Microsoft Word with a resume, be sure to use the standard formatting of typewritten text in Word, and to type in letters in lowercase (l).  Do not use italicized text. • If you are.

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