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Why Are Americans The Most Generous People According To World Giving?

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Why Are Americans The Most Generous People According To World Giving?

Its a very simple answer. Giving is something that you can control. I can give my money and time to people and organizations whose goals I agree with, and withhold from those with whom I disagree. Expanding government programs means that my taxes go up and I have no control over where that money goes. This is also a reason why many people believe that the government should not be funding charities. If a charity is doing good work, then the people will support it directly. The things that you mention can generate hours of discussion on their own, along with the deeper discussion of if any of those things are government business…

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My point is, I don't agree with donating one's time and money to non-profit organizations who only have political agendas. I don't believe in a system in which I contribute my money based on an organization's political views. I donate to those with ideas that I'm comfortable with and those who help people who I value. I could not in fact donate to an organization that is not ideologically committed to my values (or, at least it bothers me when that is the case). However, if that is someone's belief and that organization's funding is from government funds, then I do disagree and will likely not contribute. So, on average, I will probably donate to a charity with an ethos that I agree with and a belief system that I could support through giving. For a lot of this, I agree that this will be true only on a.

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